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Working with Maria was a spectacular experience, she is fantastic at getting all the right shots. She directs her craft with precision and grace, and with very few idle moments, all the pictures are captivating. Her eye for style and composition is one of the best, if not the best that I have encountered in the industry. I have been working as a model and an actor in Los Angeles and Internationally for 5 years already, and I cant wait to get back to Toronto to shoot another session with Maria. Thank you for all the wonderful prints Maria, and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you. You are truly on top of your game.

"I have known Maria for years so when I hired her to shoot my wedding I felt confident, but when the day came she surprised me with her team work and her professionalism"

"Mary Pics made me feel so comfortable on the most important day of my life"

"The team work and the ideas that come from each team member just made the experience that much better"

"Not only did they lie on their bellies but they even brought props"

"Maria was able to help me with all my plans for my wedding (DJ, Videographer, Flowers, Venues, Times, Ideas) not just the photography!

maria--the wedding pics you did for glenn & i....i never get tired of looking at them. most wedding photographers take your standard boring cliche poses....but your pics maria capture candid moments, the spirit of the day...they are more than just "pictures"...they evoke emotion and they are works of art! your work is beautiful maria...stunning! Also, you have a way of capturing the person's essence. most photographers sit you on a bench and tell you where to look and how to nod your head. with you its different. you capture the "personality" behind the teeth and hair. everything from the surroundings to the subject themselves--its like you capture a typical "moment" of their reality. you really "get" the people you are study them...and you reflect them honestly and it looks so organic, so natural yet stunning. creative angles and techniques. some of your photos are works of art--emotional ones. to sum it have a way of capturing the "essence" of a person/thing. you project the soul coming through the physical. "Daniela & Glen"