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Unlike the contrived sterile poses used in head shots or group portraits where the set is perfectly controlled, event photography requires a fluid precision that only comes with many years of experience.

Adapting to ever changing lighting, crowds, distance, unforgiving angles, remaining present but out of the way and knowing which moments to capture are only the basics. Anyone can 'get everyone in the shot' but not everyone can capture the feeling behind an event.

Only an artist can capture the subtle impressions, the nuanced images that reflect your greatest intentions that inspired your event in the first place. The moment everyone laughed at the joke, the moment the audience became emotional at the speech, the glowing smiles, deep conversations, the connections- the special moments you hoped your event would inspire. She also never forgets to capture the little things that make your event beautiful-a piece of artful decor, gorgeous display, party favours. Maria Gagliardi has a way of making those photos artful, and not just a visual inventory of your evening.

Public speakers are definitely grateful for her talent, as she is always able to get the shot during the speech that is flattering – something that is not easy to do when the mouth and hands are moving. Maria has a way of always helping her subject look their best.

Beyond artistic talent, her services provide a quick turnaround time, professionally dressed photographers, respect for your clients and studio set ups upon request. The studio set up can be brought to any location or event to offer professional headshot's digitally on the spot.

Maria Gagliardi and her team use state of the art equipment to capture visuals that are not only relevant, but also artfully beautiful, capturing the important milestones of your business.

Maria's photos appear in magazines, and that's the quality you receive when you have her photograph your event.



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